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Beyond Care

Around 4.2 million people in need of care live in Germany. Of these, more than 3.1 million are cared for by relatives at home.

The mood notification system informs family members by providing real-time feedback on positive or negative emotions of the person being cared for. In this way, we aim to reduce the everyday stress factor triggered by uncertainty about how the person being cared for is feeling. Our mood notification system provides safety through live analysis and immediate information in case of strong negative emotions.

Mood notification via Beyond Care

Live evaluation with automatic notification of strong negative emotions or other emotions of choice (such as boredom, confusion)

Video Call enables immediate contact

Analysis possible independent of internet connection

Analysis of emotions over time

Privacy by design through processing of image data on the image frame (Edge Computing) as well as anonymization of image recognition

Do you have other ideas for application areas of emotion recognition in the healthcare industry?

Data security through anonymization